Peter Schey                     

President of the Board of Directors of Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Inc. Mr. Schey oversees development and adoption of  Casa Libre's strategic goals and policies. 

Ms. Lydia Quintanilla

Interim Casa Libre Program Administrator. Ms. Quintanilla oversees the day-to-day implementation of the Casa Libre homeless youth shelter program, including scheduling of youth activities, staff training, and compliance with licensing requirements.

Victor Gonzales   

Demetrio De La Cruz                  

Joel Aceves 

Adrian Gonzalez 

Rigoberto Sevilla

Youth workers at Casa Libre shelter. Staff supervise and assist youth residents with daily activities of Casa Libre's including meal preparation, completion of school work, daily recreational activities etc. 




Peter Schey
President of the Board, a long-standing advocate and lawyer representing thousands of detained unaccompanied minors in Federal custody.

Father Richard Estrada
Founder and President of Jovenes Inc. a housing program focusing on immigrant youth eighteen-years of age and older.

Harry Salzberg, Esq.
Immigrant Rights Attorney specializing in winning lawful status for immigrant minors and youth.

Paule Cruz Takash
Nationally recognized advocate for and expert on groundbreaking city and county programs to issue identification cards to immigrants and homeless communities.

Richard Ashbee
Former immigrant and entrepreneur dedicated to addressing the unique challenges of immigrant minors.

Michael Yuban
Former resident of Casa Libre who understands the needs of unaccompanied minors and advises staff on how Casa Libre may best serve those needs.