"The Casa Libre/Freedom House offers its residents a secure and pleasant home environment intended to provide a sense of safety and stability, while encouraging residents to contribute to the appearance and functionality of the home." -Lydia Quintanilla, program administrator



Communal Spaces

The house includes two large living rooms, a large dining room, kitchen, pantry, breakfast room, a computer room, a music room, a staff office, seven bedrooms, and four bathrooms. The living rooms, dining room, and several of the bedrooms have rounded walls, ceilings, and windows. The dining room and entry way are wood-paneled. The entry room and dining room include antique chandeliers. 



The bedrooms are spacious and none is shared by more than two residents. Residents are permitted to decorate their rooms as they would if living in their own homes. For added privacy, each resident is provided a key to a lock to their individual bedrooms (staff has a master key allowing them to enter all bedrooms.)



The property is fenced and gated for security of the premises and the residents. The house is surrounded by lush gardens and the exterior grounds of the house are landscaped by volunteers and residents. The residents engage in a weekly gardening projects growing bulbs, plants  and generally maintaining the gardens surrounding the house. The programs plans to soon initiate a gardening project with residents learning how to plant and grow fruits, vegetables and other plants. 



Currently, because of licensing requirements, Casa Libre residents must transition out of the program within a few months of turning eighteen years of age. However, some residents do not have families with which they can be reunited and beds are not available for them at Los Angeles shelters for eighteen-year old youth. Casa Libre hopes to renovate a separate 1,000 square foot structure on the property to be used by residents as they turn eighteen who cannot be reunited with family or transitioned to another Los Angeles shelter program.