Casa Libre / freedom house

The only  licensed shelter in the country securing the release of unaccompanied minors from Federal detention centers.

About Casa Libre



The Casa Libre/Freedom House is a historic mansion that was purchased by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Inc. in 1996. The overall goal of the program is to assist youth without homes to achieve stable and safe living conditions. The project focuses on providing services to unaccompanied immigrant and refugee minors who are homeless.

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The program's expertise lies in the provision of shelter, social, educational, medical and legal services for homeless and detained unaccompanied minor immigrant children, who have often been abused, abandoned, or neglected in their home countries and traveled to the United States alone. 

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The programs offer a range of services, including case management, educational testing and placement, referrals to no-cost health care providers, drug and alcohol prevention programs, family reunification services, living skills and leadership workshops, free legal services, and cultural activities. 

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